What is Fat Traxx Radio?


FAT TRAXX RADIO - A web based radio station beaming from Flatiron District of NYC, that can be easily tuned in / accessed almost in every parts of the globe.A radio with a niche that universally covers non commercial - manufactured music, charts, gigs, events / festivals, news and current affairs within the alternative...the underground music world.Always In The Mix - brings you HD quality around the clock from recorded, live studio shows  through to mobile broadcasting from clubs, gigs, festival & live music events from across the world, along with their complete up to date upcoming flyers.The Station – is predominantly presented by both its international resident and guest DJs. Broadcasting from their first hand experiences and in depth personal analyses on their part of music world, giving key insights of the personalities behind the artists / producers of today.It also allows our DJs free rein to play any kind of music they love and to let their creativity talents run free.The True Love and Passion - for quality music of the founders have become evident through the radio's conception.A door of opportunity platform for any artists / producers and DJs worldwide, to have their music aired, listened to and ultimately loved.The Ideology - people are uniquely specials, and do matter. Recognition in the importance of respecting people' s intelligence, to be kind and polite to anyone are the station’s ethos.